Brexit may be Unlawful!

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Well it’s nothing new for us at the NCA to be in the middle of controversy. This time the reverse engineering is not of some dodgy software protection or sales technique.

This is about the future of the the United Kingdom. As many people will know here in the UK we have been in the throws of of economic and social suicide more commonly known as Brexit.

However, there is a twist to this whole situation. Like a number of Countries around the world, we do not have a Codified Constitution. As a result of this, our Referendums do not actually carry any weight in law. Quite simply they are just glorified Opinion Polls of which the results can be ignored.

This actually has serious consequences for Brexit, as Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon has what appears to be an error in law, as in the support of the people required to trigger it. In this it somewhat assumes that there is a Codified Constitution in the member country, therefore a legal means via a referendum to judge the support of the people.

This does not actually exist in the UK, so technically in law, the E.U should not have accepted the U.K parliaments invocation of Article 50. (basically the UK Government, in the eyes of UK law was unilaterally invoking it).

It does not end there, A few years ago the Government set up a website which allows UK citizens to present a petition to the Government.

In doing so they ‘Legislated’ for threshold responses,

10,000 signatures triggers a written response from Government.

100,000 signatures triggers a hearing in Parliament.

This gives the process weighting in law. ( Tiny weighting, but weighting none the less).

Roll on more recently Pro Brexit supporters, created a number of petitions

Those opposed, signed a revoke Article 50 petition. 5.75 Million signatures.

Now remember the rules of Article 50, they must have the support of the people.

The twist is that the only legally recognised opinion of the people in the UK is the Government Website Petitions and guess what, that opinion opposed Brexit.

The EU could on the basis of this information we uncovered, could be forced under International law, to Void the earlier invocation of Article 50. Halting a lawful Brexit.

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