Is it time to Impeach Theresa May?

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Theresa May said the airstrikes against Syria  were “right and legal”

 Video with Courtesy of the  Guardian

So other than the West gaining access to the Tamar and Leviathan Basin gas fields (which is still not going to happen anyway). What exactly are these National Interests that Theresa May is brandishing about?

Read about the Tamar and Leviathan Basin Gas fields Here!

1. Is Syria, currently or in Future a risk to U.K National Interests?

2. Does Syria have or even if it ever intended to do so, the capability of Striking UK National Interests?

3. Has the Assad headed Government in Syria ever been proven to have ever used Chemical Weapons on Syrian people?

The answer to all the above is a resounding. NO!

The question now. Did Theresa May break UK Law by ordering these strikes without Parliamentary approval? Given that there is not even a fake dossier of Risk to the U.K or its interests.

Trump is in a similar position, not even shaky evidence of risk and no Congressional Approval.

Both leaders have acted in an undemocratic and Authoritarian manner, without any evidence to support their position.

I call on an Impeachment of the Rt Hon Theresa May MP (Prime Minister) and her Cabinet for their role of an International War Crime as well as the Instruction to place UK Personnel in harm’s way, without any evidence of risk to the United Kingdom or its Interests. Said Instruction was made in Contravention of Parliamentary Law which requires the Parliamentary approval of Military action which is carried out where there is no immediate threat to the United Kingdom or its interests.

She even has the nerve to try and claim the airstrikes as “right and legal”, when they are clearly not.


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