*Exclusive* SKY broadband screw up 40,000+ BEthere customers Internet access

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beAs former customers of BEthere internet are aware as the result of SKY buying out O2 broadband (who also owned BEthere) they have seen their accounts migrated to SKY broadband.  In so doing many former customers abandoned ship for other ISP’s, as they apparently had a very bad customer experience with the others.

Those that decided to stick it out (as of last month) have now seen their connection physically switched on to the SKY broadband backbone. Which is all well and good  until their routers decide to renew its server licence.

Let me explain. SKY broadband routers are loaded with their own custom firmware which hides the log on username and password from the end user (this can be recovered via a simple url injection technique if you want to use your own router)  however BEthere never used any login on their router setup.

Some of you may already understand  the problem,  no login, no internet access.  So common sense would be that when a customer calls the sky tech support that they just supply the generic login details.  Yet even though it’s been nearly 10 years since i first published those login details,  SKY tech support are still not allowed to give out that information. Should a SKY tech support staff dare to browse to the forums and give the internet login details found there to a customer,  to give them back the internet access the are paying for.  That member of staff will be sacked.

So now we have the conundrum,  sky wont supply the login details,  meaning that over the  next week or so 40,000+ irate former BEthere customers are going to have to be supplied SKY routers. In the meantime unless they can gain access to the internet in some other form, to search the forums for login details then they will have no internet access.

The main problem is that the Generic login is not available at all, as SKY’s login/password are combination of  the users MAC address and a random hex number for the password.

It appears the only real resolution is if users contact sky for their useless sky router or that they go back to BEthere’s routers and sky push another script. (Which is stupid as this login/password shows up on SKY tech supports system when they login to your account)

In the meantime, it looks like I will be migrating my elderly mothers account away from, BEthere/SKY broadband as she can’t keep waiting weeks for the Internet access again whilst SKY get off their backsides to resolve this.

A manager from the customer SKY customer support team is supposed to trying to address this issue later today.  It will  be interesting to see what sort of compensation package they will be coming  back with for former BEthere customers, as this is a clear breach of contract.

Another Update: 27-02-2014

SKY have finally released some info for those not using most of the Thomson Routers supplied by BEthere (Most don’t Support PPPoA as Required by SKY Broadband).

The Settings are.

Does your ISP require a Login: Yes

Login/Username : install@o2broadband.co.uk
Password: [Leave Blank]   [various forum posters claim the password should be “install” without the “”

Encapsulation:  PPPoA

Internet IP: Get Dynamically from ISP

DNS: Get Dynamically from ISP

NAT: Yes

Multiplexing: VC-Based

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

SKY claim that this works, however on default the Thomson TG585 V7 supplied to my mother by BEthere, does not support PPPoA and a Netgear DG384PN with the latest DG Team modded firmware failed on CHAP authentication. So I have been unable to successively show the supplied settings as working.

SKY still have no resolution for this problem other than sending out a SKY router to previous BEthere customers.

Update: 28-2-2014 Bye Bye SKY!

Basically given in with SKY altogether, there update customer service advice is, “We wont send new routers to BE customers unless they call us and request one”.

Question ; So your continuing to bill former BE customers for no internet access in the meant time?

Ans: “Yes”

So not only have SKY cut the customer service from 24hr to an 11pm cut off, they really do not care if former BEthere customers get connected to the net or not.

On this not I Migrated my mothers account to BT Infinity (unlimited), at least now she will get a decent connection for her money.

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  1. Well, this is wildly inaccurate; if you’d checked then you may know that they (Sky) have already been migrating users to their network from O2 and Be for months, using TR-69. There should be no significant downtime for users and new routers are certainly not necessary.

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