DWP Bully boys sent packing.

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Recently I highlighted on Facebook the issue concerning a semi unofficial Department in  dwpevidence1 the DWP, so unofficial that the supervisor for the chap that covers my area is based in Devon and he is based upstairs in the Job Centre Plus in High Wycombe.

So what is this mystery Department and what is their purpose, well the first part is easy, they are the Performance Measurement Team. The latter however is a little more difficult to explain as even Mr Alisdair MacNab (the chap who covers my area) does not seem to fully understand his remit.

It suffice to say that basically they are the boot boys for the DWP, they exist within no legal framework and their only remit seems to be that of intimidating anybody who dares to claim the Welfare benefits that the law says their entitled to.

As you can see from the first letter, they use rather interesting wording.


“I need to visit you to make sure that you are getting the correct amount of Housing dwpevidence2Benefit you are entitled to”

Which is DWP speak for, we are going to go through your records with a fine tooth comb to see if you are defrauding the state.

Now this is where it gets interesting, as many of you know due to the DWP illegally removing my award of Incapacity Benefit paid as income support, back in March of this year, I have for the purposes of Housing Benefit been classed as Nil Income. Although in reality I do still get just over £80 a month Low Rate Care from Disability Living Allowance.

So this put me in a rather unique position of being able to point out that the law states that in such circumstance all I can receive is the maximum awardof Local Housing Allowance (LHA) and that is precisely what I am receiving.


To which Mr MacNab reeled off a long scripted response, although he did start to become a little irate when I just repeated the same thing again.

I then went on to Challenge dwpevidence3him about the purpose of the Performance Measurement team, questioning  him under what remit of law was he entitled to have access to information,  given that all the required information had been supplied as the basis of the claim, and that I am bound by law to notify of any changes.

So unless my spine and my wrist have miraculously cured themselves since March, it safe to say I am not actually doing anything for gainful income, therefore I actually have nothing more declare.

Now obviously if Mr MacNab could show me a point in law that required me to reshow exactly the same information as is already on file, then I would comply.

Obviously he could not.

I then proceeded to go on and basically tear him a new one. Reminding him that I know exactly why I have been so called ‘randomly’ picked for this intimidation.

There is nothing random about it all, very soon I will be appearing before an appeal Tribunal. In which I will be challenging very specific points of law that may well see the downfall of the Welfare Reforms.

So I wonder why the Department of Work and Pensions would suddenly want to audit my Housing Benefit Claim (LHA) ?

He became very silent for a while, then kept tripping up on his words (as you would expect from somebody who has just been found out).

He then referred me to his Supervisor. In Devon!

Then a couple of days ago I received this letter.dwpevidence4

As you can see it “In view of this we have decided to abandon the Review”

Very interesting that 🙂

A little note:  for those of you having prob’s reading on mobiles there is a mobile view button on the bottom right of the blog entry (scroll down).


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  1. anyone else noticed that the ‘performance management team’ is also “PMT” *small giggle.
    this is awesome! i only wish that more people had your knowledge and fight.
    all the best.

  2. This happened to me because my disability adviser FAILED to change my address when I moved to a disabled council house.

    The agent sent to visit, was given my old address….so started really well…We got a got a call from the Agent…requesting my new address on 2nd January.

    They bought the same letters with them, for my signature.

    The agent told hubby and me, that they believed the was prompted by failings of JC adviser.

    I received the last letter, after the visit.

  3. Good for you, man. I am recovering from cancer and MRSA, I had a DIEP reconstruction op on the 11th of Sept 2013 and fuck me, they found me fit for work. I am appealing (I hope), but that’s ongoing.

    Recently I’ve had hassle from the Practitioner and Patient Services Agency about my medication. I got a letter on the 7th Sept saying I was part of a random sweep into free prescription claims and the DWP, when queried by the PPSA, had said I was not in fact in receipt of the benefit I had claimed in my repeat prescription. Basically, accusing me of fraud.

    I did inform them I was going in for major surgery on the 11th, 4 days after I received the letter. They didn’t care. i tried to sort this out before my operation, but i have a 12-year-old daughter to look after and anyway, I was busy not dying. i thought I HAD sorted it out, but that was just a fond dream.

    on the 2nd Oct, still flat on my back having my dressings changed by the District Nurse, I got another letter telling me I was now liable to pay £154.95 (I like the .95, I assume that’s just their to insult us)in compliance with the NHS (Penalty Charge Regulations) 1999.

    Things have not been going too well for my 12-year-old daughter and I lately, these last 3 years have been tough. I was very ill at that point, DIEP is a big operation and I am morphine-intolerant which means I have to get through largely without painkillers. Nonetheless, the PPSA clearly thought I should take time out for this important piece of make-work.

    Of course, I am entitled to free prescriptions. I don’t know what the communication problem was between the PPSA and the DWP, if indeed there ever was one, but when I phoned to ask for confirmation of benefit the DWP said Certainly, madam, we’ll send it out straight away.

    I hate to sound paranoid, but it seems to me the sole and only objective here is to hassle sick people. And make us spend money on phone calls to 0845 numbers and stamps. I’m living on lentils and onions, but I have to pay to send pieces of paper between government departments? What’s this bullshit?

  4. seems they are trying to intimidate people to either drop there claim or appeal ,god i hate this government

  5. One thing I’d ask DWP – why are you investigating Housing Benefit as this falls under local government responsibilities.

    And might be worth asking your LA if they knew?

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