Syria and Gas, it’s not the one you think!

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This Article is from August 19th 2013 @ 13:38hrs:

Over recent days most eyes in the Western World Have been trained on the US energy-israel-natural-gas-field_55940_600x450President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, concerning their intended response to the allegations that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, has used Chemical Weapons on his own people.

However, how many peeps out there are aware of just how important it is to European and American Interests that Assad’s Government are deposed?

How many of you are actually aware of what those interests actually are?

Unless you happen to follow the World Energy markets, this little nugget of Information may have just slipped past you, 80 miles off the shores of Haifa, Israel sits a Gas Field with and estimate 16 Trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Why is this so significant?

Well at the moment with the worlds largest reserves of Natural Gas.  Russia somewhat dominates the market. As we all know, when one region somewhat Dominates the supply, in turn they set the price that the rest of the world actually buys at.

55978_449x349-cb1341352662Then along comes Israel with the Tamar and Leviathan basin Gas Fields.

Sitting with Trillions of Cubic feet of Gas that the West is dying to get their hands on.

The problem is how to be competitive?

You could build Liquefied Natural Gas plants and ship it in that form, but it’s not very cost effective especially with the shipping distances involved.

This is where we take a step back to a few years ago, where Israel’s demand for Gas and Oil outstripped its supply, the majority of it had to be shipped in. What was proposed and built then was a Gas/Oil Pipeline that Spans across Europe and down through Turkey and a Similar Gas/Oil Pipeline right up to the Border in Israel.

The problem is that smack bang between Israel and Turkey, sits Syria.

The original intention was that a puppet President be put in place in Syria, so the American and British Governments backed Bashar al-Assad, in fact he was Invited to Britain and met with the Prime Minister and the Queen. At one point it is claimed that under the instructions of Tony Blair, that Bashar al-Assad was to be bestowed with an honorary Knighthood.

Then things started to go wrong, President Bashar al-Assad stopped being the American and British Governments puppet and as they say its all been downhill propaganda since then.

Now we come back to the catalyst in the current situation, the massive discovery of Oil and Gas off the Israel’s coastline. Being able to have a pipeline through Syria is now of vital importance to Europe and America.

So lets consider, in the past few years President Bashar al-Assad’s Government has allegedly killed over 100,000 peeps in Syria, why exactly would allegedly using Chemical Weapons on 1300 peeps suddenly be more of an issue and a matter of National Interest for America, Britain and France?

Or is it in fact that a matter of weeks ago Israel entered into talks with Turkey concerning the aforementioned Gas supplies, may just be the real trigger point for the West’s obsession with deposing the current Syrian Government.

(Update: According to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) they set the actual fatalities from the suspected chemical weapon attack at between 335 and 355, considerably less than that being quoted by the UK and US Governments)

Pictures with courtesy of National Geographic.



It appears there has been another twist in this matter, Vladimir Putin has instructed that Russia is intending to lay it’s own pipeline through Turkey, now given that Russia is very cosy with the Syrian Regime, I wonder who will become the new broker of the Israeli Tamar and Leviathan basin Gas Fields?

Effectively shutting the West off from obtaining a cost effective alternative to Russian Gas.  However it will remove the West’s interest in the Ukraine as the gas will then go through Turkey into Europe.


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  1. The civil unrest that has been erupting through the middle east has been set in motion as a destabilizing influence to get this deal pushed through.
    When looking at anything like this, always follow the money…
    What is not said by politicians and media is more telling than anything that they actually say….

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