Threatening letter sent from Department of Work and Pensions

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Many peeps reading this will be more that aware of the ongoing Saga of the Incapacity Benefit Reassessment Team and their apparent inability to comply with the law. Relating to the Social Security Acts.

However on my return home today I found an interesting letter on my door mat.  (My personal address has been redacted for on-line use.


I will first of all point out that I have reported this unsolicited threatening letter to Thames Valley Police.

Anybody reading this would naturally believe that I was abusive towards staff and brandished some sort of Political Slogan. In fact I have been getting repeated borderline abusive calls from staff (3 calls in one hour, including 2 voice mail messages, from a member of staff I had already requested not to contact me, due to their previous rather hostile manner, as well as actually lying on record concerning my claim)

I have not, nor would I ever make a ‘Political’ comment what ever that is? Not sure, is calling somebody a liar when you have the signed document from their department in front of you that proves what they are saying is lies. Is that abusive, when you just say “you are lying”?

I should point out that on the 14th They called me, as is the normal protocol.

Another point I should raise is that the Conversation was only taking place because they tried to falsify information on my ESA50 and I was not willing to be a party to criminality.

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  1. Update I got my appeal tranubil date june this year. and again failed. .probably coz i turned up with help. got mum to take me,, and answered questions like yes i watch tv,, and yes i can walk to the shop with help from my daughter.. FAIL ive got menieres disease too.. dont think that was taken into account either and i know thats classed as a disability,, they just dont give a shit.. ive given up fighting the previous case ,, cant stand the stress any longer .. so im not longer on ESA at basic rate.. ive put in a new appication as my condition has changed since my original first claim, but i got to start the whole process all over again and as ive just moved in with partner they are now saying that im gona be income based assessed which means i wont qualify for ESA anyway. so whats the DAMN point ,,

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