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I have decided to give this a more permanent location so it can be referenced by others should they really choose to do so.

1. £20 Million P.A (funded from the reduced costs of the appeals process), is applied to tackle Tax fraud and avoidance which currently costs the country £70 Billion + P.A (only £0.6Million is current spent tackling this issue). Helping to alleviate the so called deficit and in turn taking the pressure off the benefit system.

2. The ATOS contract is terminated due to various breeches of contract. (which includes not addressing DPA issues, which mean they have to now work out of DWP Cardiff using DWP IT and telephony equipment, they tendered to supply all of this). That £100 Million P.A is channelled into training/paying fees for the claimant GP’s, Consultants and or Psychiatric staff to produce real medical reports on behalf of the Secretary of State. So that decision makers can be correctly informed in a manner that causes as little stress as possible to some of the most vulnerable in society.

3. If they must have ESA then a person placed in the Work related Activity Group (WRAG) should not be penalised for being more able, instead they should receive the same level of income as those in the support Group (SG). However they will continue to receive the support back in to work. This should include training, college or part time university courses with the OU as criteria for placements.
4. Both WRAG and SG, ESA claimants, should be given an active work allowance (AWA); This entails.

a) Being allowed to earn up to a ‘Working Wage’ before deductions from the ESA.
b) Being taxed from the very first £1 over and above their ESA. this is to fund continued pass ported benefits such as help towards Dental, Glasses, Housing Benefit etc. None of these are affected until the claimant earns over and above a ‘Working Wage’.

Active Work Allowance (AWA) is a sort of working tax credit for the Disabled, one that not only encourages work, but any amounts not claimed on pass ported (as not all claim these) benefits results in £Billions in returns to the treasury. This process is considerably more fair, more financially viable and promotes a system where a disabled persons is not penalised because they actually do want to work and help pay their way.

Update: ATOS have now lost the specified contract, however this still applies to their replacements. As the Data Protection Act issue has ‘never been resolved’.

The DPA issues (DWP illegally claiming that the WCA contractors are Data Processors), Legality of Declarations 4,5 & 6 page 18 ESA50 questionnaire etc will be directly Challenged at a ‘1 hour’ (normally 30 minutes)tribunal hearing on the 23rd April, 2014 at Reading.  This will be held before just 1 senior judge (no medical representative) and a representative of the Secretary of State. This case also relate to specific challenge under the European Convention on Human Rights.

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