Monthly Archives: August 2012

ESA Migration; DWP are rattled by Challenge to WCA, Data Protection Act issue!

I guess my whole DPA and ATOS Healthcare thing has got somebody rattled, I received a letter directly from Mr David Roberts, Operations Manager (Hyde Benefit Centre) today. Interesting as he very rarely communicates the claimants or the public. OK so his letter was nothing more than standard issue waffle combined with what they are doing to respond to the

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Clause 99. A white elephant?

There has been a considerable amount of comments floating around concerning Clause 99, in which person being Migrated from existing benefits to that of Employment Support Allowance (ESA). Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP gives his response here concerning amendments to that clause;  This is his response. I am aware that there is a degree of misunderstanding about the purpose

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WCA Alternative

I have decided to give this a more permanent location so it can be referenced by others should they really choose to do so. 1. £20 Million P.A (funded from the reduced costs of the appeals process), is applied to tackle Tax fraud and avoidance which currently costs the country £70 Billion + P.A (only £0.6Million is current spent tackling

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